FABRICATE 2014 Publication: Negotiating Design & Making

Edited by Fabio Gramazio, Matthias Kohler & Silke Langenberg, Published by gta Verlag.

This publication, launched in Zurich, February 2014, complements the FABRICATE 2014 International Conference. It features the works of all our selected speakers as well as a further selection of 16 projects from the peer reviewed call for works. The publication also includes interviews between the keynote speakers of FABRICATE 2011 and 2014. The book can be purchased here.

See below for a full list of published authors and titles.

Published Papers

Topo-facade: envelope design and fabrication planning using topological mesh representations
Robert Aish, Erik Verboon and Gustav Fagerström – Buro Happold

[R]evolving Brick: Geometry and Performance Innovation in Ceramic Building Systems through Design Robotics
Stefano Andreani and Martin Bechthold – Harvard University

Multi-Scalar Shape Change In Pneumatically Steered Tensegrities:
A Cross-Disciplinary Interest In Using Material-Scale Mechanisms For Driving Spatial Transform
Phil Ayres, Kasper Stoy, David Stasiuk and Hollie Gibbons – CITA

Ribbed Tile Vaulting – Innovation through two design-build workshops
Philippe Block, Melonie Bayl-Smith, Tim Schork, David Pigram and James Bellamy – ETH Zurich & UTS Sydney

Fabricating Behaviour: a Problem, a Solution, a Prototype and a Proposal
William Bondin and Ruairi Glynn – Bartlett UCL

Who’s afraid of fabrication? : Why teach digital fabrication now?
Brennan Buck – Yale

La Voûte de LeFevre: A Variable-Volume Compression-Only Vault
Brandon Clifford and Wes Mcgee – MIT & Michigan

Building Simplexity: Golden Moon, 2012 Mid-Autumn Festival Lantern Wonderland
Kristof Crolla – The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Design of a Lunar Outpost:: 3D printing regolith as a construction technique for environmental shielding on the moon
Xavier De Kestelier, Laurent Pambaguian, Enrico Dini, Valentina Colla and Giovanni Cesaretti – Foster+Partners , European Space Agency, Dshape, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna & Alta

Printing Architecture: Castles Made of Sand
Benjamin Dillenburger and Michael Hansmeyer – ETH Zurich

Fabricating architectural volume: Casting concrete, cutting stone, building with foam
Jelle Feringa and Asbjørn Søndergaard – HYPERBODY, TU Delft & Aarhus School of Architecture

Mesh-Mould: Robotically Fabricated Spatial Meshes as Reinforced Concrete Formwork
Norman Hack, Lauer Willi, Fabio Gramazio, Matthias Kohler and Silke Langenberg – ETH Zürich

The Mobile Orchard: Growing Ergonomic, Edible, Aerial Datascapes
Alex Haw – Atmos

Augmented Materiality: Modelling with Material Indeterminacy
Ryan Luke Johns – Greyshed and Princeton University, United States

perForming: Exploring Incremental Sheet Metal Forming Methods for Generating Low-cost, Highly Customized Components
Ammar Kalo, Jake Newsum and Wes McGee – University of Michigan

HygroSkin – Meteorosensitive Pavilion
Oliver David Krieg, Zachary Christian, David Correa, Achim Menges, Steffen Reichert, Katja Rinderspacher and Tobias Schwinn – Institute for Computational Design, Stuttgart University

The Leadenhall Building. Design for Fabrication- Digital workflow and downstream fabrication system performance
Dirk Krolikowski and Damian Eley – Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners / UCL The Bartlett, School of Architecture & Arup

FABbots: Research in Additive Manufacturing for architecture
Marta Male-Alemany and Jordi Portell – IaaC

Making with Flying Robots
Ammar Mirjan, Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler
ETH Zurich

Anti-Gravity Additive Manufacturing
Petr Novikov, Sasa Jokic, Luis E. Fraguada, Joris Laarman and Areti Markopoulou

Silk Pavilion- A Case Study in Fiber-based Digital Fabrication
Neri Oxman, Jared Laucks, Markus Kayser, Carlos David Gonzalez Uribe and Jorge Duro-Royo – MIT Media Lab

Building Bytes: 3D Printed Bricks
Brian Peters – College of Architecture and Environmental Design Kent State University & Design Lab Workshop

Bloom, The Game
Jose Sanchez and Alisa Andrasek – UCL Bartlett

Balancing Complexity and Simplicity
Jonathan Rabagliati, Clemens Huber and Dieter Linke – Foster+Partners & Wiehag & Seele

Frozen Relic: Digitally ReFabricated Arctic Ice Floes
Scanlab – UCL Bartlett

Off-Road Fabrication: Architecture, Peripatetic Mobility and Machine Vision
Mike Silver – Ball State University & University of Buffalo

Bridging the gap from CAD to CAM: Concepts, caveats and a new Grasshopper Plug-in
Hanno Stehling, Fabian Scheurer and Jean Roulier – Design to production

The Rise – Building with Fibrous Systems
Martin Tamke, David Stasiuk and Mette Ramsgard Thomsen – CITA

(Fr)Agile Materiality: Approximating uncertain fabrication processes
Kadri Tamre, Georg Grasser, Marjan Colletti and Allison Weiler – University of Innsbruck

Fluid Crystallization: Hierarchical Self-Organization
Skylar Tibbits – MIT

Plastic-Cast Concrete: Fabrication as Applied Research
Kenneth Tracy, Bradley Bell, Christine Yogiaman, Lavender Tessmer, Kevin McClellan, Andrew Vrana and Erik Verboon – Washington University in St. Louis, University of Texas at Arlington, University of Texas San Antonio & University of Houston’s College of Architecture & Buro Happold Engineering


FABRICATE 2011 Publication: Making Digital Architecture

Edited by Ruairi Glynn & Bob Sheil, Published by Riverside Architectural Press. The book can be purchased here.