General Information

The ZVV (Zurich Verkehrsverbund) runs all public transportation within the canton of Zurich.

The cantonal network is divided into zones. Zurich city is Zone 110 and Zurich airport is Zone 121.

In order to travel from Zurich airport to the city or to the FABRICATE 2014 conference venue, you will need to get a ticket valid for both zones. If you arrive to Zurich Main Station via train, a Zone 110 ticket will cover your trip between the city and FABRICATE 2014 conference venue, as well as all other trips within the city. Tickets are available either as single (1 hour) or day tickets (24 hours) which are recommended for multiple trips within the  day.

You can get tickets from SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) counters at Zurich Main Station or Zurich Airport as well as from ticket machines at bus and tram stops around the city.

For general information on Zurich public transportation network and timetable, visit or download: (app for Android) (app for iOS)

For the Zurich City transportation network map, visit:



Zurich Airport – Zurich City

Upon your arrival to Zurich airport, follow the signs for train or regional transportation. The airport is connected to the city center via tram and train. You can either get a train that stops at Zurich Hauptbahnhof (Zurich Main Station) or take tram No. 10. A ticket valid in Zones 110 (Zurich city) and Zone 121 will be necessary for both transportation options.

Zurich Airport  – Eth Hönggerberg Campus (conference venue)

If you decide to go directly to the conference venue from Zurich Airport, you will need to take a train which stops at “Bahnhof Oerlikon” (Oerlikon train station), then walk to Bahnhof Oerlikon Nord (2 min.) and take bus 80 to “ETH Hönggerberg” stop. Please note that ETH Hönggerberg is within Zone 110 (Zurich city).

Zurich Main Station – Eth Hönggerberg Campus (conference venue)

Take tram No. 11 from “Zurich Hauptbahnhof” tram stop to “Bucheggplatz” (direction Auzelg) and then change to Bus 69, which takes you to ETH Hönggerberg. Alternatively, you can  take a train from Zurich Main Station, which  stops at “Bahnhof Oerlikon” (Oerlikon train station), then walk to Bahnhof Oerlikon Nord (2 min.) and take bus 80 and get off at “ETH Hönggerberg” stop.

There are several connections between ETH Hönggerberg Campus and Zurich City center. In order to find the best connection from your place of accommodation or departure, we recommend using the online timetable from ZVV or use the ZVV smart phone application.

When you arrive at the ETH Hönggerberg Campus, the FABRICATE 2014 signs will guide you to the conference venue at HIL E3.